Workshops - Spinwheel

  • August Day Meeting/Workshop - Wednesday, August 17, 10 am - 3 pm, Interpretive Center, Transfer Station

    Louise Fox presented on "SPINWHEEL: A Pinwheel Variation on The Hidden Wells".
  • If you were in the "I SPY A HIDDEN WELL" workshop you know how much fun it was and the surprising outcome of mixing the fabrics. This "SPINWHEEL" workshop is a spinoff of that workshop. We will follow the piecing of strips of fabrics as in "I SPY A HIDDEN WELL" and cut the resulting panels.

    You can follow the Spinwheel example in the picture below or bring your own creativity!

    Photo of Spinwheel Quilt

    See what several of our workshop participants created!

    Photo of Spinwheel-bn-front Photo of Spinwheel-bn-back

    Photo of Spinwheel-jr-front Photo of Spinwheel-jr-back

    Photo of Spinwheel-aa

    Photo of Spinwheel-bf

    Photo of Spinwheel-bz

    Photo of Spinwheel-mja

    Photo of Spinwheel-pr