Contacts for Centre Pieces
  • Feel free to send any questions or comments that you may have about the Centre Pieces Quilt Guild to:
  • Centre Pieces Quilt Guild
    Attn: President
    P.O. Box 657
    Boalsburg, PA 16827
  • Be sure to include your name and contact information so that we can respond quickly.
  • If you would like to contact any of the Board Members listed below directly, please see the Greenbook for contact information (phone numbers/emails)

  • Our officers for the current year, 2016-2017, are as follows:
  • PRESIDENT - Diane Focht
  • VICE-PRESIDENT Night Group - Jill Wisniewski and Barbara Zeger
  • VICE-PRESIDENT Day Group - Debbie Barrick and Barbara Zeger
  • SECRETARY - Lorna DonTigny
  • TREASURER - Carrie Fala

  • Additional board members for 2016-2017 are:
  • Membership - Bobbie Muscarella
  • Newsletter - Judy Ray
  • Website - Judy Ray
  • Hearts and Hands/Comfort Covers - Claire Amick and Marge Reeder
  • Historian - Becky Shirer
  • Sunshine - Diane Focht
  • Publicity - Kathy Titley
  • Hospitality - Barbara First (Day), Mary Jo Austin (Evening)
  • Refreshments - Hilary Kleckner and Jane Brown
  • Toys for Tots Blankets - Diann Dunham and Debbie Barrick
  • Facilities - Tina Aumiller
  • Comments, questions, or problems with this page should be sent to:
  • Centre Pieces Quilt Guild
    Attn: Website Manager
    P.O. Box 657
    Boalsburg, PA 16827